Back to school- August

All kids may need vitamins and supplements for the challenges of the new school year! We stock a good range of kiddy friendly vitamins in gummy bear chewable form to natural tasting liquids suitable for all ages. Omega 3 is essential for memory and concentration and we stock the excellent Eskimo 3 Tutti fruity syrup or Solgar children’s products, a combination of both multivitamins and minerals.


Vitamin D is often recommended by your GP, particularly if the Summer hasn’t been as sunny as we hoped. Abidec is a widely used supplement, again in liquid form.


Head lice is always a dreaded back to school nightmare for most families! Prevention is so important, we stock the natural Nitty Gritty spray, containing lavender and tea Tree oil, avoiding harsh chemicals. Combing of the hair is vital, so we stock the Head Lice kit, free of chemicals and contains combs of many sizes to suit all hair lengths and textures. Daily combing prevents the growth of the lice eggs, breaking their life cycle. Treatment options include Lyclear and Full Marks both of which are easy to use shampoos.

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