Hay Fever Season

Hay fever season begins April to September

This can cause misery for many people producing symptoms such as streaming nose, runny eyes, sneezing, irritating cough and itchy skin.

Advice is key to purchasing the correct medication for your ailments. Our trained staff will, following consultation, recommend oral antihistamines in branded or generic form. Cetrine is an Irish antihistamine, Zirtek, Lorat and Clarity are all non-drowsy tablets, taken once a day to substantially reduce most symptoms.

Nasal sprays can offer relief from runny, irritated nose symptoms. Steroid containing products Flixonase or Beconase can be bought without prescription and offer great relief, used once a day, to prevent symptoms.

For those nasty insect bites, we recommend that an antihistamine is packed in your holiday luggage also! Anthisan or Eurax are creams suitable for adults and children to soothe those painful bites and can be used in combination with antihistamine tablets, when symptoms are more severe.

Zirtek is available in liquid form for children from age 2 and is non- drowsy. Pollinosan, a herbal A Vogel product is another natural alternative, and contains 7 tropical herbs in varying homeopathic potencies. This can be taken with Luffa nasal spray, again from a Vogel range.

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