New Year- new you!

January smoking cessation, nutrition/vitamins

Each Year, we all start with great hopes for the New Year and it is a good time to stop smoking and look forward to improved health! Our highly trained staff are keen to offer advice on all the options available to help you succeed.

  • Nicorette patches are applied once a day usually to the arms to reduce cravings and are removed at bedtime and are available in 25mg, 15mg and 10mg strengths.
  • Nicotinell patches are suitable for both day and night and may be the best choice for those who require continuous application.
  • Nicotine chewing gum and sprays are also available, which can be used with or instead of patches, and are discreet alternatives, which many customers find attractive.

Some products are available on the GMS medical card scheme, our pharmacists are happy to advise you on these details.


Wellness and well being are key to maintaining a healthy life. Probiotics can aid the digestive system, supporting the immune system in a most natural way. Alflorex is an Irish probiotic, discovered by scientists in University Cork and are leading the way with this modern, convincing medication.

Health eating is vital to a healthy body and we stock a great range of multivitamins and minerals suited to all age groups, including vegetarians and vegans, athletes, expectant mothers and picky eaters! Solgar offer a wide range of high-quality vitamins, including the ever-popular Magnesium Citrate, for athletes, ladies experiencing the menopause and general good health. Male Multiple, Formula V and Female Multiple are among our best seller multivitamins from this range.

Active iron is new Irish product suited to vegans, vegetarians, expectant mothers and is effective , while avoiding the side effect of constipation experienced with more traditional products.

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