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Our highly trained staff are on hand to advice on all your specific requirements, no matter if it’s for prevention or post illness recovery for all the family or for anyone with a busy agenda. We stock a wide range of vitamins and minerals in liquid or tablet form, including the widely respected Solgar range, which has combinations of minerals specific to their range only, setting it apart in terms of superiority and suitability.


Sona is an Irish range of multivitamins that evolves according to our customer’s changing needs.


Its price range is competitive and now includes two strengths of Vitamin D3, much needed in the sunless days of Winter.

  1. Vogel is a natural, herbal range of health supplements, consisting of tinctures, tablets and creams designed to work in a holistic manner, often in conjunction with conventional over the counter medicines. Treatments include hay fever, immunosupport, HRT top up, circulation support, to name a few. Our staff receive regular training from A. Vogel, to assist with all customer queries and ensure the correct advice is given, particularly if our patients are taking other mainline medications.

We stock a wide range of probiotics for a complete holistic perspective. Alflorex is an Irish product, discovered by a team of Cork scientists and is proving to be a leader in this field.


Iron products are so important to Vegans and Vegetarians and Mothers to be. Active Iron is a modern iron supplement, made in Ireland, that works with the body and avoids the usual side effects of nausea and constipation. Appropriate advice from our trained staff is always on hand and we consider it to be essential to ensure the correct product is purchased. We also stock the preservative free supplements, Floradix and Floravital.


We stock a large range of First Aid requirements, from basic plasters to bandages, both adhesive and support, kinesiology tapes, supports for knees, elbows, wrists in small, medium and large sizes.


Heat packs are a natural remedy for pain, whatever the nature, and we stock aromatic packs, for both neck and back are suitable for the microwave, or the regular instant, disposable packs.


For the large and small grazes or burns, we can offer conventional antiseptic creams and tea tree based hydrating creams for extra, speedy hydration. We stock the excellent Hydroburn , which is well known for its effects, particularly following laser hair removal.

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