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With our wealth of experience and training, we are able to minimize the stress of holiday travel by offering advice on over the counter medicines, to avoid diarrhea, dehydration, queasy tummies, hay fever, bites and sunburns which can ruin any holiday .Before recommending any product, we take a complete profile of our customer’s prescribed medicines and ensure that all potential interactions are avoided. Antihistamine products in oral form are essential to prevent reaction to insect bites and hold miserable hay fever symptoms at bay.


We have an extensive range of natural sun protection products for adults and children, oils, creams, lotions and sprays in all factors, providing UVA and UVB protection for ladies, La Roche Posay have many tinted skincare creams, suitable for the face, while still offering protection. Many golfers prefer the colorless factor 50 stick, especially suited to the vulnerable scalp area. Parasol, an Irish sun oil offers protection from insect bites and requires less frequent applications than many other products.


For those that wish to travel further afield, mosquito repellent in the form of sprays or creams are required and plug in repellents are quite effective. We stock a range of Deet containing products mainly in spray form, 100 being most effective.


We dispense all prescribed travel specific medications, and again ensure that all potential interactions that could occur with existing medications are reported to the prescriber for immediate consideration.


Blister packs, which each hold 7 days of prescribed medications are pre prepared, if requested for our customers to aid compliance and security, while travelling.


Our latest digital camera system offers online photo service to the Irish Passport office for speedy and convenient applications.  We can immediately advise on the correct photo size and background to ensure our customers submissions are complete and appropriate.


Products which contain more than 100mls are not suitable for airplane hand luggage, so we have plenty of stocks of 50ml travel shampoo, deodorant, and toothpaste products, to avoid waste and expense.


Our staff offer tailor made mini kits of basic travel items including plasters, antiseptic wipes, safety pins, blister plasters and similar necessities.

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